5 Goals for My Role as District 5 Trustee

1. Improve Teacher Morale
2. Improve Student Outcomes
3. Improve Community Relations
4. Improve Financial Standing
5. Improve Nacogdoches ISD’s Reputation

Why I Am Running

Three years ago, I recognized that our district needed to earn back the trust of our great community.  The NacISD Board of Trustees worked hard with Interim Superintendent Alton Frailey to begin a process of earning that trust.  Mr. Frailey was an instrumental part of moving our district forward and toward a future that involved relationships with our community leaders, especially NEDCO, SFA and the City of Nacogdoches.  Mr. Frailey took the reins and did an outstanding job of restoring and improving these relationships.  One year later, we asked the community for a very large bond and the community said, “Ok. We support the children of Nacogdoches and we trust you.”

That’s when the hard part really started!  This is where the relationships were so important.  We created a committee made up of community members and we asked them to hold NacISD accountable for the trust we were awarded.  We have worked as a team to move forward and complete some major planned projects and we have more to do! It has been exciting to watch and to be able to answer questions asked by our community!

During this time, the NacISD board also worked with our community to find a permanent superintendent solution so that our district would have the stability necessary to retain good teachers and help our students achieve their goals.  We found a great gem in Dr. Gabriel Trujillo at the same time COVID-19 began its unfortunate attack on our country.  It forced us to close school, cancel traditional events and revamp graduation.  Dr. Trujillo never wavered – he remained strong and informed.  He continued developing relationships.  Dr. Trujillo worked with city and county leaders to come up with a plan for our students to have a graduation that turned out to be so special and so personalized!  He has led us through the summer of all the unknowns with his heart and his work focused on our students and teachers as TEA tried to figure out the best way forward.

I believe the last 3 years have been so transforming for our whole district, but now, thanks to COVID-19, we have to navigate through a whole new normal and find just the right place for NacISD.  Just like the last 3 years, I will work to ensure that our children get the best education possible, with the best available structure and tools.  I will work to ensure that we use our tax dollars wisely.  I will continue to work with our Board and superintendent to further improve transparency and communications with our community.  I humbly ask for your vote so that I can continue serving you, our community!