School Board Candidate Training

Yesterday I attended a webinar for School Board Candidates by TASB.

The main reasons people run for board positions are to impact the following:
1. Budget/Taxes/Debt
2. Student Achievement
3. Staffing
4. District Priorities
5. Instructional Programs

60% of the attendees indicated that Student Achievement and District Priorities were the reason for running.

The take away is this:

  • A board member is a servant to the community, the faculty and staff of the district, the students and the administration.
  • The board’s main job is to make sure policy is followed when making decisions.
  • The board is also supposed to listen and engage the community. Community engagement is one of the 5 roles of board members. TASB clearly states that there should be 2-way communication and involvement with the community.

I look forward to being your servant!!