Signs of Change

This weekend my daughters and I placed signs around several neighborhoods. We had the best time driving around our beautiful city and seeing spring time in full bloom! We love getting pictures sent to us of the signs in the yards of engaged Nacogdoches voters!

Election Day is fast approaching and with only a month to go, we have a couple of days to make sure everyone is registered to vote on May 5th.  Remember that Early Voting starts on April 23rd.

Spring is a time for new life and new beginnings and it is very telling that our school board election is in the spring. With this election, we have an opportunity for continued new beginnings within NacISD. We have a wonderful new Interim Superintendent in Alton Frailey.  Mr. Frailey is very community and student focused.  His vision is to make sure that our children learn – not just perform on tests – but actually learn!

I visited with Mr. Frailey very briefly and he shared a couple of beliefs that are very central to the reason I am running for the District 5 position:

  1. We agree that NacISD community relations should improve. We both believe the community should be involved and know what is going on in our schools.
  2. We agree that teaching students and making sure they are learning is another key element to turning schools around. We should aim beyond improving scores on a STAAR test, to make sure students have learned.
  3. We believe in equipping our teachers with what they need to do their jobs, which will lead to better teacher morale.

Without a doubt, Mr. Frailey will be a significant key to our NacISD track for improvement. He does, in fact, hold the keys to the district. It is imperative that we, the community of NacISD, support our leaders and look for ways to join the solution. We should volunteer where and when we can (this is the “Secret Sauce”) and teach our children to do the same. We, the parents of NacISD, are the secret sauce (quoting Mr. Frailey) to making this district one of which we can be proud. It is not any one person who will fix this, or even any one idea, but rather a cooperative effort between the school and our community!

No matter where you live, where you work or even if you have children in Nacogdoches schools – it will take us ALL.  I would appreciate your vote for Mindy Beene Winslow on May 5th for NacISD Trustee District 5!